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The Medical Team

The medical staffers are among the best in the industry with over 25 years of experience that cut across multiple specialties in Medicine, Surgery, Diagnostic and Vascular Interventional Radiology. Our doctors have undergone rigorous medical training, encompassing residencies and fellowship training.The experiences acquired from fellowship training at Temple University and working as attending physician in some of our elite institutions such as Columbia University and Downstate Medical Center, New York, come to bear on the solid qualifications and expertise. The experiences from these elite health institutions will be utilized to provide high quality of care in the areas of minimally invasive ambulatory care, minor surgeries, treatment of simple fractures, thoracentesis, paracentesis, feeding tubes placement, chemoports, and dialysis catheter placements.

The physicians will be supported with our experienced and certified Physician Assistant and Medical Assistant. Our nursing care is under the direction of an RN with many years of experience in ambulatory care and Interventional Radiology.